Welcome To Venus On Earth


 This website includes three areas (see menu above):




1. Me – The Photographer: the journey that led to Venusonearth and some information on my current projects.



2. My Pictures – The Galleries: artistic nudes (my current focus), classic nudes, current projects and artist workshops.



3. My References: memberships, magazines, calendars, online communities and detailed information on my three exhibitions.





THE PHOTOGRAPHER behind Venusonearth: I have two passions in life, the first one is to work in the sales organization of one of the largest software companies in the world.



The other one is photography, especially artistic nude photography. The common denominator of both passions is that I love to deal with people, may it be for business purposes or as a photographer.

THE APPROACH in short: my ambitious goal is to move away from any mainstream approach. This is obviously not a destination and more of a journey.



I am currently experimenting new ideas and my success depends on the models in the first place; my passion is to capture the essence of their beauty and sensuality, or at least try to! As a photographer, I can only aim to do justice to that beauty.



THE HISTORY: I started my Venusonearth project in 2005; since, it has been a powerful visit card for my work. Friends, models and photographers from many countries shared their impressions with me. And still do. Based on this constructive feedback, I redesigned Venus on Earth in November 2011.



This new version includes a state-of-the art layout, a more intuitive navigation and most importantly new pictures from my latest projects and shootings.