Germany 1995-2001

Before working with artists in Germany and later in Hungary, I first organized my own photo shootings. The first model I worked with in the late 90s was Christine. I learned from her as to how to best engage with a model and some of the basics of nude photography too. This is a picture we made in March 2012 when we met again 15 years later in a community.
I also participated in a couple of so-called “model sharing workshops” in the late 90s in Southern Germany. At such workshops, beginners have the opportunity to learn the basics and get some coaching from a more experienced photographer. The picture on the right-hand side is an example of pictures I would make at such workshops in the past.  
The main challenge for a photographer is creativity, not technology. In other words, it´s all about finding new ideas. My first approach in the late 90s was to read books and magazines and visit art exhibitions. After finding out this was not enough, I started to engage with some professional photographers and artists. The first one was Arboulan who lived near Cologne, Germany, at that time.
I´ve learned the basics of high-quality nude photography with Arboulan. Beyond technical aspects like lighting techniques, he told me about the three phases of a successful picture, including the build-up phase, finding the right light (according to me the most challenging and demanding phase) and then making your picture (that is in your mind before your push the button). I also learned from him discipline and how to actually work in a photo studio. Today, these are still great learnings.
I made this picture in the late 90s at one of Arboulan´s individual workshops.
Another example of the kind of pictures I made at such individual workshops.