Hungary 2004 – 2010

A couple of years after learning the basics with Arboulan, I decided to attend the best workshop ever in July 2004, in Sebesvíz, Hungary. I spent one week with both amateur and professional photographers. Since, I´ve attended six other workshops. most of them led by the Hungarian artist Szeni Jung and the Hungarian photographer Halmai László.
Back at home, I decided to start my own project Venusonearth: launch my own Web site, get feedback from my peers, and decide from there how to move forward. I looked at similar web sites to this one. I was both impressed and daunted by the standards set by my peers. For a while, I felt like abandoning my project. But I didn’t. One year later, I attended the second Hungarian workshop in the Andrássy castle in Tiszadob, August 2005. 
The third Hungarian workshop I attended took place in the castle at Noszvaj, July 2008.
 And the fourth one at the castle in Sitke, August 2010.
One of the pictures I made at the workshop I attended in 2004.