Hungary, August 2017 (Bercel)

This year, the Bercel Kastély was selected as the location of  the next edition of (what was formerly known as) the Sebesviz workshop. The small town of Bercel is located east of Budapest, about an hour´s drive.




A view of the castle that was the main location of the workshop. Click here to access a selection of the pictures I made there.
This year, the group was lucky enough to be able to shoot in a second location in Bercel, i.e. an old ruin about 10 minutes walk from the castle.
A snapshot from Robi who has been organizing the workshop for several years now. Robi is a Swiss-Hungarian photographer.
  Like in 2016, Robi invited Benkö Sàndor, an experienced German-Hungarian photographer, as the artistic coach of the workshop.
Klaus is a Swiss photographer with a lot of experience. Always a pleasure to work with my good friend!
Many friends ask me about the working atmosphere at such workshops. As you can see here, there are moments of great concentration but also lots of good fun!
This behind-the-scenes picture shows how much team work is required sometimes to make a picture. The technique used here is called “American night” (making night pictures during daytime). 
Another behind-the-scenes picture showing how drops are being created in the background while a photographer makes a picture from Antonia and Kata
A snapshot from Antonia, one of my favourite models this year.
All models having fun at the swimming pool. From left to right: Judit, Barbi, Kryszta, Antonia and Kata.