Julia 2012 – 2018: multi-year project coming to an end in 2018


My main project in the last couple of years was a portfolio of nudes and portraits with the German model Julia. We started in 2012 and managed to organize 42 shootings in six years, which is quite unique for such a collaboration between a photographer and a model. Julia is a German student and now lives in Berlin. This project will come to an end in 2018 after one or two final shootings (portraits and fashion only).



During this longer period of time, my approach was to capture her development both as a model and as a woman. So far, this has been my most challenging project ever as it required a close collaboration with the model, lots of communication and trust, many new ideas, and shootings over a longer period of time in different locations.



You can see many pictures we made in the following galleries:



1. selection of pictures we made between 2012 and 2017


2 A selection of portraits


3 A story “rituals” Julia and I developed during several shootings in 2014


4 A selection of Visions