PROJECTS : current focus on visions




#1 VISIONS: this is my latest project. My approach is to bring my photography work up to the next level of abstraction and not just focus on the beauty of the model and her body. The idea is to show the model as if I had a vision, for instance in a dream. You will find seven galleries with such visions on this website.






#2 STORIES: my second project is to create stories. The first story I created is “the beauty and the beast” (2013). The second story is “rituals” (2014-2015).



I started the first story in 2013 in my studio with both Hungarian models Fanny and Judit. We had plans to continue and possibly end this story as soon as possible, again in my studio. Let´s see how it goes. 


The second story I created, this time with the German model Julia, is “rituals“. We worked hard during several shootings and more than eight hours to do the pictures you can access here.


Beginning of August 2015, I created a similar story with the model Lena. I was surprised to see how we could make such pictures already during our first shooting.





#3 UKRAINIAN NUDES: my third project is similar to the one with Julia. I have worked six times with Aleksa and five times with Lena so far, both from the Ukraine. I will continue to work with them in 2018, hopefully longer.



I am planning to capture Aleksa’s  and Lena´s development both as models and women over a longer period of time.



Two pictures from my work with Aleksa already got international recognition: the one on the left-hand side was printed in the German VIEW magazine in May 2016. The other one was printed in the French PHOTO in January 2016. My work with Lena has also been recognized in August 2017 (Calvendo calendars).