Hungary, September 2018 (Szirák)

This year, the castle hotel in Szirák was selected as the location of  the next edition of (what was formerly known as) the Sebesviz workshop. The small town of Szirák is located east of Budapest, about an hour´s drive.




The castle was completely reserved for the foto camp. Click here to access a selection of the pictures I made there.
Two key people at the fotocamp: the German-Hungarian professional photographer and coach Sandor Benkoe on the left-hand side and Robi, the organizer, on the right-hand side.
This picture shows what it takes sometimes to make a professional picture.
  There are many locations for fine art photography in such a castle. Here an example just in front of the main entry.
Another location: the hotel park.
Some models have special skills, e.g. Barbara who is very good with yoga.